How to Join

​​Her Royal Airship Ashanti is an envoy with the primary quest being the protection and restoration
of the golden stool, via the collection of the adinkra stones. We are independent from all governing parties, letting our loyalty for one another and our desire for a better world drive our actions and allegiances.

In order to continue moving forward and achieve our goal, we require talented and skilled
crew members and allies. We believe in the inclusion and acceptance of all nationalities, religions,

and genders so all are welcome.

Her Royal Airship Ashanti consists of four groups:

Passenger: Any individual who supports HRA Ashanti, enjoys attending our events, and loves what we stand for.
  • Additional Requirements: None
  • How to become a passenger: Just state it and it's yours

Liaison: An individual who is officially affiliated with another steampunk group/ organization who actively wants to support/ promote HRA Ashanti. All liaisons will receive a special HRA Ashanti button.
  • Additional Requirements: Ability/ willingness to promote and share information about Ashanti events
  • How to become a liaison: Contact Captain Mandisa Njeri

Specialist: An individual, located in Cincinnati, who is not officially part of another steampunk group/ organization who wants to support/ promote HRA Ashanti events. Specialist will receive a hard enamel pin.
  • Additional Requirements: Participation (set-up, donate, tear down, misc) in two (2) of the ship's philanthropic events
  • How to become a specialist: Besides completing the additional requirements, contact a member of the crew.

Core: An individual whose officially and solely loyal to HRA Ashanti. They are an integral part of planning, hosting and facilitating Ashanti events. In addition, they are responsible for promoting/ supporting events as well as recruitment. Core members will receive an official HRA Ashanti armband.
  • Additional Requirements: In addition to specialist requirements, Core members must be able to attend all monthly meetings and mandatory events.
  • How to become a core member: Once a specialist, contact a member of the crew for more information/ details

Please Note: HRA Ashanti is a multicultural airship. As such we expect our supporters/ members/affiliates to be open and supportive of other cultures as well.

Click the link to view the recruitment information on Facebook,  Recruitment Info

History of Her Royal Airship Ashanti

Individual Nation-states of the African nation of Ghana and the Akan Kingdom of the Ashanti had long been fighting back against the United Kingdom in a war that had lasted 100 years. In 1874 England established control over many areas of the African Nation of Ghana, assigning them the status of “British Gold Coast.” The Ashanti had won more than a few battles, but could not resist as they saw their defeat in the final battle of the Ashanti Uprising.

The British Governor, Frederick Mitchell Hodgson, demanded the Ashanti turn over the Golden Throne, the symbol of Ashanti sovereignty. The Ashanti refused, and Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa led her enraged people to arms against the British. Although the throne was protected, the war was lost and although the Ashanti saw their lands annexed they continued to rule themselves with little reference to the British. However, over time the British arrested and exiled the leaders of the Ashanti.

Formed by the leaders of the Asante Union, Her Royal Airship (HRA) Ashanti was christened in the year 1903 as the flagship of the Ashanti Air Corps. However after bitter betrayal during its maiden voyage the airship is now on an adventurous quest through time and space, meeting new friends and searching for skilled allies to assist them in finding a way home. With pride the HRA Ashanti still flies today, as protectors of the Golden Throne and a beacon of hope for all.

HRA Ashanti Core Crew

Aziza Mandisa Njeri - [email protected]
The daughter of a great warrior, as a child Aziza spent her days on the road with her family learning about the various cultures throughout Africa. These travels cultivated within Aziza a love to learn and a desire to see the world. However, all that changed when during one of her father's assignments tragedy struck and the village where they stayed was attacked by an unknown assailant. Overnight the young teenager's life was turned upside down, and with her family nowhere to be found, she began the long trip home. The journey was difficult and Aziza quickly had to learn how to be stealthily in order to avoid predators both man and beast. Out in the wilderness, she developed and honed stealth, observation, resourcefulness, and camouflage skills which were paramount to survival. In time, she made her way back to the Ashanti tribe. Quickly she began to search for her parents. Rumors of their whereabouts swirled throughout the town. However, Aziza found few answers. Eventually, her quest for the truth began to entangle her in the tribe's dangerous underworld. It was while chasing a lead, Aziza was saved by Queen Mother Yaa Ashatawe. Struck by the teens passion and skills - the Queen Mother saw potential within her. Hence, she took her under her wing and eventually gave her a new name, "Mandisa."
Since that day, Mandisa has been trained in the art of combat and studied in the history and secrets of the tribe. She still seeks to find out what happened to her family, as she prepares for the greater purpose and dangerous road ahead.

Ofeibea Loveless - [email protected]
Ofeibea Loveless is HRA Ashanti's mechanic/engineer. A surly woman with quiet, calculating demeanor, Ofeibea keeps the ship in tip top shape. Damage her baby and be prepared to pay the consequences! The daughter of one of the Mino, the Kingdom of Dahomey's all-female military regiment, and a member of the country's military science division, Ofeibea's past holds a dark secret. 

She worked with the remaining Ashanti members to repair their ship when they crashed near the Clan of Teks' community outside of Loveland, Ohio, and decided to join them on their quest to keep the Golden Throne safe. 

In addition to her mechanical skills, Ofeibea is the main editor of Loveless Books, a purveyor of Victorian fiction.
Yasuke Wolverhampton - [email protected]
Yasuke Wolverhampton was a slave from the south of the African continent that was sent on a trip to Japan with a Jesuit missionary named Alessandro Valignano.  While he was there, he meet with His Lordship Oda Nobunaga, who was so enamored by his "unique" features that he gave him the name Yasuke and let me become an honorary samurai.  Unfortunately, His Lordship was defeated in battle but, since the ictors didn't consider him a real samurai, they allowed him to go back home, where he worked in a local tavern.  After working there for a while, he met with the crew of the Her Royal Airship Ashanti, who was recently defeated and was in search of the Adinkra Stones.  After hearing their story, he offered his skills as a samurai in Japan and my warrior skills here in Africa, as well as providing refreshments to the crew during down time.
Mirabella Von Deuling - [email protected]
After the fall of humanity, Mirabella Von Deuling was found by the leaders of the Clan of Teks, Hannah and Caelyn Tikva. Seeing and acknowledging her skills in both psychology and medicine, both leaders thought she could be of use in their city. Having been alone for so many years she was overjoyed at the thought; however, was any of her humanity still left? She had been forced to survive alone for so long. Living in that city had been incredibly fulfilling, but her darker side craved adventure! The crash of Her Royal Airship Ashanti had presented her the opportunity for adventure exploration and action that she sought. The Ashanti's crew vessel was decimated from the wreck, despite her best efforts she could only locate two crew members in the carnage and pull them from the mangled mess. The Captain, Mandisa, and her Sargent at Arms, Osei. She was honored when they asked her to join them on their mission. After many missions and adventures together they have become her family. Loyal and passionate Mirabella Von Dueling will do whatever is necessary to not only protect and heal her crew, but also to support them in and achieving its goals.

Fiddler von Ginger - [email protected]
Fiddler Von Ginger grew up in Dublin. The son of a German aristocrat and beautiful Rose haired Dublin Lady he lived a privileged yet insulated life. Desiring to get out in the real world and adventure he would spend hours in the family library drowning himself in books of tales from around the world. He would also spend a great time talking to visiting musicians or with kitchen staff helping them in exchange for tales of the outside world. So much so he began playing the fiddle or his mother would disdainfully call the violin, and became quite talented at cooking and baking.

One day the calling for adventure got so much that he secreted himself out into the real world. He hid his privileged upbringing, instead paying for passage with the music from his song and fiddle or chores in some ship or manors kitchen. He traveled near and far until landing in Africa where he happened upon the Her Royal Airship Ashanti and its quest. Always wanting to be part of some great tale he beseeched the crew to let him fly with them and join their quest. Will some young Dubliner read about his and the Ashanti's great quest someday!?! Only times and the winds will tell.

  • Major Eldrich Walterson - Arcana Professional Mystic, Spiritual Advisor and Expert on all things Occult
  • Dashiel Qualls-Gibeau - Sciviner/ Archivist, and Enquiry Agent for HRH

  • Happalonia Green - Red Fork Empire
  • Tony Wilson- Centroid
  • Sir Ernest Octave Suszczynski- Airship Passepartout
  • Tiki Von Synthe - Corsair Iniquitous
  • M. Leigh Hood - Alysium