3-2-1   Let's Jam!
​A Philanthropic Jazz Tribute to Cowboy Bebop

​Join us we celebrate Cowboy Bebop's 20th Anniversary​​

On September 29, Her Royal Airship Ashanti and the Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance (MBFSA) will be celebrating 20 years of Cowboy Bebop!

Featuring experienced jazz players from the Greater Cincinnati area, these intoxicating jazz tunes will take you
​on a wild ride through the stars and have you plotting a course to catch your next bounty! All proceeds will be donated to Melodic Connections, a Cincinnati-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that offers music therapy lessons to individuals with special needs. 

Go to 321LetsJam.eventzilla.net and purchase your tickets today! Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the door.​

Location: Withrow High School, 2488 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208
Time: Show starts at 6:30PM (Doors open at 6PM). 

Hope to see you there, space cowboy!

For more information about HRA Ashanti check out  http://airshipashanti.com/ 

Learn more abut Midwest BFSA here at https://www.facebook.com/MidwestBSFA/

To learn more about Melodic Connections go to 

Wall of Thanks
Below is a list of wonderful organizations and people who have supported us! Without them, our event would not be possible!

Costume Contest Rules

​We're celebrating 3-2-1 Let's Jam Philanthropic Jazz concert by hosting an online costume contest!

 Rules and Requirements
  • Contestants are required to submit 3-5 photos and a short bio by August 15.  Entries can be submitted:
    • By email to  [email protected]
    • Via Instagram using the tags @airshipashanti or @midwestbsfa
    • On Facebook by tagging @Airship Ashanti or @Midwest Black Speculative Fiction Alliance 
  • Each entry should include:
    • One (1) head shot
    • One (1) full body shot
    • A short bio that includes the cosplayer's name, cosplay page (if applicable), brief description of costume, and why you like show Cowboy Bebop
  • All costumes must be Cowboy Bebop related/ inspired and will be judged on 3 criteria: Costume Quality, Presentation, and Effort (see below for more detail)

 Voting and Prizes
  • On August 27, the top 5-7 contestants will be placed in a poll located on the Facebook  3-2-1 Let’s Jam – A Philanthropic Jazz Tribute to Cowboy Bebop event page! Here fans will have 2 weeks to vote for their favorite cosplay.
  • In addition, chosen contestants will be featured on our website, Facebook cosplay page, and Instagram accounts
  • The winner of the costume contest will be announced on September 10.
  • Winners will be awarded several prizes: one (1) free ticket to the jazz concert, a personalized funko pop of their Cowboy Bebop cosplay, and a copy of our concert poster autographed by Melissa Fahn, the voice actor of Radical Ed

 Judging Criteria
  1. Costume Quality:
    All costumes are valued. However, costumes made from scratch vs store bought pieces then modified will be given extra consideration. In addition, if sewn/ crafted the quality of the stitching and choice of fabric as well as the choice of structural materials that include foam, worbla, or cardboard, to name a few, and the difficulty in creating the costume will be taken into account. Costume accessories such as wigs, makeup, or jewelry and their quality and fluidity to the costume will be judged accordingly
  2. Presentation:
    Photos that make an effort to pose and portray characters will be given additional points. Effort to stage characters in an environment related to Cowboy Bebop will also be given extra points. Photo quality and professionalism will also be taken into account.
  3. Effort:
    The effort category somewhat goes hand in hand with quality. The overall amount of time spent in creating the costume will be taken into effect, as well as paying attention to detail, accessories, handmade verses store bought, and so forth. Point out to the judges any details that required extra effort to complete, or rare props and accessories that make the costume unique.