Mission Statement
To utilize our steampunk costumes to bring attention to philanthropic causes and to volunteer our time to give back to the community.
History of Her Royal Airship Ashanti

Individual Nation-states of the African nation of Ghana and the Akan Kingdom of the Ashanti had long been fighting back against the United Kingdom in a war that had lasted 100 years. In 1874 England established control over many areas of the African Nation of Ghana, assigning them the status of “British Gold Coast.” The Ashanti had won more than a few battles, but could not resist as they saw their defeat in the final battle of the Ashanti Uprising.

The British Governor, Frederick Mitchell Hodgson, demanded the Ashanti turn over the Golden Throne, the symbol of Ashanti sovereignty. The Ashanti refused, and Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa led her enraged people to arms against the British. Although the throne was protected, the war was lost and although the Ashanti saw their lands annexed they continued to rule themselves with little reference to the British. However, over time the British arrested and exiled the leaders of the Ashanti.

Formed by the leaders of the Asante Union, Her Royal Airship (HRA) Ashanti was christened in the year 1903 as the flagship of the Ashanti Air Corps. However after bitter betrayal during its maiden voyage the airship is now on an adventurous quest through time and space, meeting new friends and searching for skilled allies to assist them in finding a way home. With pride the HRA Ashanti still flies today, as protectors of the Golden Throne and a beacon of hope for all.
 Meet The Core Crew Members
  • Ashanti Bazaar - New/Used/Vintage clothing and accessories for sale! Profits from the items purchased are used to support HRA Ashanti's non-profit, philanthropic activities. To visit please click here . For questions, comments, or concerns please contact Mandisa Njeri .
  • Multicultural Calendar - Coming Soon! - This 2017 calendar will feature members of the Cincinnati steampunk community, representing their racial/cultural backgrounds.
  • Ashanti Pins - HRA Ashanti pins are available in gold and full color for $4 each. Cincinnati-based purchases will be available for pick-up. Mailed pins will incur a 50-cent S&H fee. To order a pin please reach out to a core group memeber or HRA@airshipashanti.com